Monday, September 21, 2015

Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & The Monster Seal Review (PS Vita)

Game: Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & The Monster Seal
Developer: AquaPlus
Publisher: Atlus U.S.A., Inc.
Price: $39.99
Size: 1.9GB
PSN: Click Me!

Ecchi + DRPG in one game? Please count me in!!

If you are a big fan of ecchi and DRPG game, then Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & The Monster Seal is PERFECTLY for you (and for ME!). The fan service you'll get in this game will probably drain your blood from your massive nosebleed (Prepare a tissue, just in case.).

The story of this game revolves around this chick magnet protagonist, Fried Reinhard. Fried is a honor student graduate from military academy, who has been assigned to work as a Libra in the Royal Library. He met Irena, who is the Chief librarian of the Royal Library, and gave him an assignment to investigate a dungeon which have a growing number of monsters. He then met his 2 old classmates, Melvy and Alisia, both member of the Order, which will be his cute and lovely guards. The 3 of them will have to explore the cave and find out what's behind this increase of monsters.

How is the gameplay?

If you're looking for a game that you can see your characters walking on a field, then you will be disappointed because this is a First Person Dungeon RPG game. Your view inside a dungeon will be in first person and you can only see the path in front of you. There will be a map available when you are inside a dungeon that will help you track the places you've visited.

There are multiple traps lying around in the Dungeon. Activating a trap will give your characters an abnormal status effect. It may be a poison, freeze, etc.. Most of the traps are unavoidable, but you can avoid the abnormal status effect it can inflict by using a skill or spell of a certain class. Other than traps, there are also other things that you will encounter in a dungeon that will make each dungeon exploring much challenging and fun.

This game is all about grinding. You will spend most of the time grinding to level-up your characters. Monsters can easily wipe your party out if you are not strong enough. The boss battles are definitely hard, but they will give you a pleasant reward after beating them. When you learn about the reward, it will probably motivate you to defeat the other bosses, just like what happened to me.

Getting tired of grinding monsters? Don't be because defeating or capturing a monster for 9 times will let you create a Sealbook for that type of monster. You can equip your characters with Sealbook to activate its bonuses and you can also use it to enhance your equipment later on in the game. Sealing a boss will let you create a Grand Sealbook which you can equip to your main character, Fried, and it will give additional bonus to your party.

The battle system is turn-based. You can see who's turn is going first and who's next in the right most part of the screen. Like the other JRPG/DRPG games, you can choose what command to do in a battle, like going for an Attack, activating a Skill or Spell, Defending, using an item and escaping a battle. Each successful battle will reward you with experience, gold and sometimes, an items.

Each characters in this game has different base class that they will start with. The base classes available in this game are Fighter, Magic User, Spieler, Maid and Scout. You can upgrade their base class to a higher class, but you cannot change it to a different base class.

When you reach a certain level, you will be available to change the class of your character to a higher class. You will be able to choose from 2 mid-range classes on your first class change and 3 from the higher classes after reaching a certain higher level. Each upgrade of class will grant you more skills that you can activate by spending Skill Points. But wait, there's more! Upgrading the class of your character will also change the armor of your character, making it more revealing with almost just patches covering their private parts (Ah yes.. more rewards for my eyes!!). I am not sure whether I should be excited with the new skills that will be available or how less the character's armor will become.

The best feature and what I really like in this game is the ability to reset your character's level to a certain levels. Resetting your character's level will also reset all the Skill Points spent and reverting your character's class to it's base class. So, if your character is at level 30+ and you wanted to change to a different class because you didn't like the build your current character have, you can easily reset it and upgrade your character to the class you wanted and spend skills points to the skill you wanted to improve this time. This way, you can experiment on what build or what class would be better for your current party.

How is the controls?

When travelling inside a dungeon, you control your party with the D-Pad. Pressing the left and right button will make your party face that direction, pressing up will make your party move forward and press back will make your party either turn around or step backward. You can also strafe to the left or right by pressing the shoulder buttons. The Circle button is used to hide and show the Map. The Triangle button is to open the Option menu. Square button is used to open the Camp Menu screen. Cross button is used to open chest and some locked doors. Lastly, Start button is used to display the whole map.

How is the graphics?

Well, there's no moving background, 3D characters or any animated characters in this game. Instead, you'll be treated with colorful and detailed artworks of each characters and monsters. The backgrounds and the dungeons are detailed and nicely done too.

The monsters are mostly girls and most of them wear revealing clothes. Defeating a boss will also grant you with more eye-popping and nose bleeding ecchi goodness artwork.

Any other things I should know about the game?

The soundtrack available in the game reminds me of some old games I've used to love. Some of the soundtrack brings me nostalgia effect with the old games I've played. Not that they are the same soundtrack, but some have similar tune with the old games I've played like Ragnarok Online and other classic JRPG games. The soundtrack are really great and I suggest playing this game with your earphone or headset on.

I also noticed that there is no touch control in this game. The other DRPG game I've played have a touch screen support when in a conversation and in a battle.

This game only have Japanese audio. There is no option to change the voice to English. The Japanese voice overs are done really well. You can feel the emotion on each characters they portray. I really like it.

The conversations in this game are fully voiced. Even when buying in a shop, the NPCs have voice overs.

Most dialouges in this game are very funny. Whether they are from the main characters or from the NPCs, they will surely tickle your funny bone.

And now..

This is the second time I've played a Dungeon RPG game and I must say that I am satisfied with everything this game had to offer. Though this game are missing some of the best features of the other DRPG I've played, it still have some great features that the other DRPG game doesn't have. This game took me 45 hours to finish the main story, but there are still a lot to do in the game that will probably take me a lot of hours to finish. So, if you are a fan of DRPG, grab this game as soon as possible. If you are new to the genre, then I suggest you try the demo first, which is available on the PSN because this game is very unforgiving for newbies specially if you are not fan of grinding games.

Score: 4 / 5


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