Sunday, September 27, 2015

Conquer the Battlefield with Song Magic in Stella Glow!

New Trailer for Stella Glow's Core Mechanic of Song Magic 
Shows How to Rule the Battlefield

Atlus released a new trailer, screenshots and more details for their upcoming game, Stella Glow.

Read their press release below.
Song Magic. It's one of the core mechanics in Stella Glow - only 5 people on the planet know how to use Song Magic, and coincidentally, all of them are Witches. Unfortunately, one of those 5 is hell-bent on wiping out all of humanity. THANKS, HILDA. 

But the good news is that as the protagonist Alto, you'll be able to recruit Witches to join your party and as the Song Stone meter gradually fills during the game's battles, you'll be able to use tide-turning song magic to debuff or damage enemies, or heal allies! It all depends on which Witch you use and well, your own particular brand of playstyle since the strategy RPG offers many, many ways to win in battle. 

But as we've talked about earlier, spending portions of the game's Free Time to tune a Witch's heart will unlock more song magic (and increase your bond with them!) check out more about song magic in the latest trailer! 
Watch the trailer below. 

 Song Magic (2)  Song Magic (4) Song Magic (5) Song Magic (6)Song Magic (1)