Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Yakuza 5 Developer Interview #3

Yakuza 5 is coming later this year (we're still trying to get the exact date locked down), and beginning today, players can pre-order the PlayStation 3 game digitally on PlayStation Network.

For the aspiring organized crime enthusiast who takes advantage of the pre-order, they'll receive a 15% discount on the game as well as the "Fulfiller of Dreams" static theme. 

We also have the third and final part of Gio Corsi of SCEA Third Party Production's interview with Yakuza series General Director Toshihiro Nagoshi and Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama as they discuss the game's music, the developers' thoughts on the Western release and the game's themes.

Interview part 3

Missed the other parts of the interview? You can still watch them below.

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