Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Xeodrifter Launching September 1st on PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita

Cult indie hit will feature cross-buy support on the PlayStation Network

Drifting Through the Cosmos – Award-winning indie developers Renegade Kid and publisher Gambitious Digital Entertainment announced today that the 3DS and PC modern classic, Xeodrifter, will be making its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita users on September 1st for $9.99.

Hailed as "Renegade Kid's best game to date" by critics, Xeodrifter puts players in the role of a galaxy traveling nomad whose ship reluctantly becomes stranded in the dark void space. To rebuild his ship and go home, players will explore four sprawling planets as they unlock new abilities to further their means of exploration and upgrade their weapons to become a more formidable threat to the dangerous wildlife that inhabits these foreign worlds.

Harnessing a retro Metroid vibe, Xeodrifter blends modern gameplay elements with a style familiar to gamers spanning a generation. Recrafted for PlayStation controls, gameplay will feel familiar but fresh to Sony fans. Face off with epic bosses, explore distant planets and gain control of easy to use but hard to master weapons as you navigate your way home.

For complete information about Xeodrifter, check out http://www.xeodrifter.comand Gambitious.com.

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