Thursday, August 20, 2015

Get Down with Persona 4: Dancing All Night's Detective Prince - Naoto Shirogane

Even Reticent Naoto Shirogane Can Express Herself with Dance in Persona 4: Dancing All Night!
Plus Two More Lyric Videos!

Naoto Shirogane, the Detective Prince, joins the rest of the Investigation Team in Persona 4: Dancing All Night as they try to rescue the members of Kanamin Kitchen from the Midnight Stage! Though she doesn't excel at expressing herself in day to day, when the music starts she lets go and moves to the beat with the best of them! 

(PR Manager's Note: Not ashamed to admit that the version of Signs of Love playing in Naoto's character video is my favorite song in the game.)

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Two new lyric videos are being released today, so put on your headphones and jam out to these two tunes: 


"Time to make history (AKIRA YAMAOKA Remix)"