Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dungeon Hunter Alliance Review (PS Vita)

DHA is Vita's version of Diablo
Written by Drei Medina

Playing Dungeon Hunter Alliance (DHA) reminds me a lot of the good old Diablo II game that came out more than a decade ago.
Diablo II gave me and countless players a ton of great gaming memories and those memories were partially relived along with the nostalgia playing DHA brought along with it.
But aside from catering to an aging click, kill and loot type of gamer (me included) DHA has – sad to say – nothing much else to offer.
I'll be honest, I like DHA a lot since I'm part of its target market yet I'll have to be realistic; it's a pretty bad game to begin with.
The game suffers from boring quests, broken skills and class balancing issues to name a few.
It is also plagued with slow, excruciating loading times and frame rate issues when a lot of things start happening on your five-inch Vita screen.
However, it still caters to the satisfaction of players interested in some mindless hack n' slash, dungeon crawling action with lots of looting.
There's also not much penalty from dying repeatedly except for the time it takes to travel from the save point to where you died which makes DHA a carefree game.
There are three classes in DHA that you could choose from; the standard warrior, agile rogue and elemental mage.
All classes have their quirks so I would suggest that you try each first before you settle down with a specific class.
The main mode of strengthening your characters is through gaining skills by leveling. An alternative is through gaining better equipment at the Pit of Trials when you unlock it at level 25.
As for the story it involves the resurrection of a dead king who is tasked by fairys to save his doomed kingdom from the clutches of his former flame, the evil queen.
Meanwhile, the graphics is not that bad but it certainly is not the best on the Vita. It seems like the game is a version 2.5 of Diablo in the graphics department.
Even with all the negative feedback I wrote in this review, I would like the readers to understand that I am not discouraging people from buying and playing DHA.
As I've stated, the game has its flaws as all games do but this did not prevent me from having fun and investing hours upon hours of old school gaming action into DHA.

The verdict: 6.5/10 [Play at your own risk]

Dungeon Hunter Alliance is an old school dungeon crawler game inspired by the legendary Diablo franchise but unfortunately falls short from various flaws involving gameplay issues.
Still, a lot of fun can be had while playing DHA especially if players are into carefree hack n' slash action paired with tons of looting.

+ Old school click-kill-loot playstyle
+ Carefree gaming
- Boring quests
- Balancing issues
- Slow loading times