Thursday, August 27, 2015

Curses 'N Chaos Review (PS Vita)

"No Rage, No Gain"

Game: Curses 'N Chaos
Developer: Tribute Games
Genre: Action
Price: $9.99
Size: 298MB
PSN: Click Me!

Curses 'N Chaos is a 2D Action game developed by Tribute Games.

This game starts with a scene showing an evil Wizard King ruling over the land with his army of monsters. Then comes the 2 heroes, Leo and Lea, beating the monsters one by one like there is no tomorrow. Sadly, the evil Wizard King puts a curse on the heroes, leaving them chased by monsters and death himself. Only way for the heroes to lift the curse is to create an Elixir of Life which can only be obtained after collecting all the required items. Now, the heroes will have to beat every monsters they will encounter and collect all the items they will find. This starts the ruthless monster beating quest of the heroes.

The gameplay is actually pretty simple. You will only need to survive 11 waves of monsters per level by beating them all up into a bloody pulp. Easy? NO! You will find yourself surrounded by monsters from all directions and you will need a lot of dodging, kicking, punching and dancing (Yeah Lea! Shake that thang!) to survive all the waves until the boss fight begins. You will be able to fight the boss when you reach the 11th Wave. Beating the boss will unlock the next level. There is also a timer each wave. When the timer reaches 0, Death will come out and will try to kill you. So better kill all the monsters before the timer expires.

Boss fights are bloody hard. I always find myself losing all of my character's hearts and continues in a boss fight on my early tries. Luckily, each of these bosses have their same attack patterns. You just have to observe their attack patterns first to plan your next moves. I was like a crazy blood thirsty hero at first, that's why I am always getting killed by the boss. After memorizing their attack pattern, boss fight becomes a bit easy. BUT! There are still these demonic minions that are appearing here and there that will still kill you leaving your plans to kill the boss in the trash can. Yeah, I know it's sad.. AND I'M ANGRY!!!

There is also an item shop in this game where you can buy all sorts of items that can help you in the game. These items are 1 time use only and you can only take or equip 1 item and another 1 to Owly the Owl (HAH!). You can then call Owly to bring the item to you in the battle by pressing the Circle button. I think it would have been better if you can carry 2 at the same time because the game is unforgiving specially in the later levels. Though, you can still acquire items from monsters after defeating them.

There is also an option to MIX items to create a more powerful one. You can experiment combining items to create a powerful item which you can use in the battle. Be careful when combining items because you might get a junk for a failed combination. It's always best to check the Grimoire by pressing Triangle in the Mix menu to have a clue on what to combine. Items are not really that helpful since you can only use them once and there are a lot of monsters wanted to eat you in this game. Only item I found very useful are the potions.

The BEST and my favorite feature in this game is the Multiplayer mode. There is an option to play via Ad Hoc or play with the others online. I am mostly playing online than going solo. It's a bit easier and fun, specially when you have a dance-off with someone. ;)

I had a lot of fun in this game, specially in the online mode. Most of my time was spent in the online mode rather than the single player mode. This game is hard and it is not recommended for players that have an anger issue because it will surely trigger your inner rage specially in the later levels. This game almost awakened the sleeping rage in me. Still, this is a great game to play if you are looking for a challenge and wanted to have a taste of what difficult really means. Curses 'N Chaos definitely lives up to its name. Had a lot of Cursing and definitely almost left me in Chaos.

Score: 3.5 / 5


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