Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Barbie and Monster High Trailers and Screens Released

New Barbie and Monster High Trailers and Screen Shots Released!
Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue Puppy Photo Contest Winners have also been announced:

About Barbie® and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue (Nintendo Wii U®, Wii®, 3DS™, Xbox 360®, PlayStation 3®)

Barbie® and her Sisters Puppy Rescue comes to Nintendo 3DS™, Wii™ and Wii U™, and for the first time, on PlayStation 3® and Xbox 360® this fall.  Players will join Barbie and her sisters as they ignite their girl power and work together to rescue and train lost puppies in beautiful 3D. 

Set in Barbie's hometown  Willows, and inspired by the upcoming DVD Barbie and her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure,  players will join Barbie and her sisters –Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea – as they solve clues to find and rescue lost puppies in need.  Kids can customize kennels with toys, blankets, beds and decor at Rescue HQ.  Each sister will bring their own unique set of skills and activities to the game.  Players can groom puppies at Chelsea's Pup Care or teach them new tricks at the Pup Camp with Stacie!

New video below.

Barbie_20150807_002 Barbie2 2015-07-29 20-28-03-96 Barbie2 2015-07-29 20-28-08-42

About Monster High New Ghoul In School (Nintendo Wii U®, Wii®, 3DS™, Xbox 360®, PlayStation 3®)

Roam the halls of Monster High in full 3D, and for the first time experience a ghoul's high school life on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3! Join the student body and begin your education as the newest ghoul in school.  Juggle the teenage life as a new student as you get to know your favorite Monster High ghoul classmates.  Compete in fast-paced mini-games to become the leader of the Fearleading Squad or Student Council President in fast-paced mini-games. BeYourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster.

New video below.  

1Photo Aug 14, 3 04 45 PM 2Photo Aug 14, 3 05 01 PM 4Photo Aug 14, 3 06 00 PM 5Photo Aug 14, 3 06 10 PM 6Photo Aug 14, 3 06 56 PM 7Photo Aug 14, 3 07 08 PM 8Photo Aug 14, 6 17 01 PM 9Photo Aug 14, 6 15 54 PM 10Photo Aug 14, 6 17 01 PM