Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Army Corps of Hell Review (PS Vita)

Death metal music becomes salvation for 'Army Corps of Hell'
Written by Drei Medina

There are only a few Vita games which boasts death metal music playing in the background during gameplay which is what makes Army Corps of Hell a unique experience.
In fact, Army Corps of Hell seems to be the only game in the Vita roster that pairs this up along with its gory gameplay where tactically mowing down endless waves of hellish fiends is a regular occurrence.
Unfortunately, this seems to be the only positive the game has to offer against its lengthy list of let downs.
For one, the game lacks an interesting story. It pretty much has a stale and predictable plot that has no twists at all.
You basically play the role of an arrogant fallen lord of hell who plans to exact revenge upon his usurpers in a bid to retake his (supposed) rightful place as ruler of the underworld.
To do this, you command a band of mindless goblins to annihilate waves upon waves of ungodly creatures ranging from oversized eyeballs, gross masses of skulls and flaming spiders.
Your goblin troops are divided into three classes: the swordsman, spearman and mage. Depending on the situation, you might have to use a combination of classes to complete a stage.
Gameplay begins in a molten setting with a handful of goblins at your disposal. You will have to clear each platform by killing all enemies on it and move on to the next until you reach the boss.
This experience seems exciting at first with a lot of blood, gore and killing. However, it quickly gets old after facing the same recycled enemies and seemingly unchanging landscape over and over again.
Meanwhile, the games graphics are bearable but also don't help lift the game to a better standing.
The coolest thing perhaps aside from the death metal music is decapitating bosses after you murder them with your goblin horde.
But overall, the game offers a tedious, tiring and frustrating experience that is unrewarding at best.
There is just a ton of repetitiveness that can be felt in Army Corps of Hell including its design and gameplay which bars what could have been an awesome game.

The verdict: 6/10 [play at your own risk]

Army Corps of Hell is a unique RPG action-tactics experience banking on heavy metal music and gory gameplay that could have been alot better if not for its rehashed elements which are presented to players repeatedly starting from stage one.
Still, fans of the RPG action-tactics genre might find this game a worthwhile buy to burn their time.

+ Heavy metal music
+ Gory gameplay
- Stale story
- Ridiculously repetitive
- Unrewarding experience